One of the philosophies of Assumption University is that good deeds and achievements done by any member must be recognized and awarded. The first conferment of awards was initiated in 1997 under the name AU Academic Awards. Only lecturers were nominated for these awards under six categories. Then, three-tier system of achievements (first, second, and third class with the first as the highest in each category) was announced in 1999 to take effect in 2000 (AU Academic Awards, December 24, 1999, p. 12). In the year 2000, the name of the awards was changed to AU Awards for Excellence. The purpose is to reward not only teaching staff but also the non-teaching staff who daily facilitate in the management and operation of the institution

St. Montfort Award

Illustrious Service Award

The St.Montfort Award was named after St.Louis Marie Grignion de Montfort (1673-1716), the founder of the Brothers of St. Gabriel. He is our spiritual master who walked before us toward the Living God. Following in his footprints, we can proceed on a path to union with God.The Brothers of St.Gabriel in Thailand consider him to be a model for a religious life and for their educative mission. 
This award is given for faithful, dedicated and outstanding services rendered to the University by senior administrators whose career spans more than twenty-five years.

St. Michael Award 
Public Service Award 
(First, Second, and Third Class)

The St.Michael Award was named after St.Michael the Archangel, the protector of the people of God.  

The award also honors the name of Brother Michael, one of the 13 French Brothers who moved from Thailand to India during World War II. He was appointed master of novices at Eachinkadu, Yercaud, South India, tasked with the training of a number of senior Brothers of the Province of Thailand.

This award comes in three classes and is given to University members who have provided academic and/or other significant services to society, and who have represented the University in academic and supporting activities that are acknowledged by the public. In so doing, they uphold and promote the University's reputation and stature.

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St. Hilaire Award
Distinction in Writing Award
(First, Second, and Third Class)

The St.Hilaire Award was named after St.Hilaire who was born at the beginning of the fourth century at Poitiers in France. He was a bishop and Doctor of the Universal Church.  
Brother Hilaire was one of the first five pioneering Brothers to arrive in Thailand in 1901. He was a well-known educator at Assumption College, Bangkok. He mastered the Thai language so well that he became an unparalleled Siamese Linguist. He wrote Thai language manuals, the first of which, Darun Suksa, was considered by all as the very best source for the learning of the Thai language.
This award comes in three classes and is designated for those who achieved distinction through academic writings in the form of articles and books.

St. Martin de Tours Award
Excellence in Performance Award
(First, Second, and Third Class)

St. Martin de Tours, for whom St. Martin de Tours Award is named, was a Roman soldier raised in Italy. Finding God, he converted to Christianity and became an unwilling soldier. Later he was a disciple of Hilaire of Poitiers and, still later, became the Bishop of Tours. The award was also named in memory of Brother Martin de Tours, one of the five Brothers who first entered Siam on October 20, 1901.
This award is designated for lecturers and administrators: who discharged their duties and responsibilities conscientiously and superbly: who exhibited high standards of efficiency, excellence and quality in teaching, counseling, and duties such as composition of test materials, framing of examination papers and other academic related factors.  The award is also for non-teaching staff who add to the University learning process.

St. Bernard Award
Special Merit Award
(First, Second, and Third Class)

The St. Bernard Award was named after St. Bernard (1090-1153), an abbot and later named Doctor of the Church. He was a Cistercian monk. He wrote profusely and movingly concerning the Lord Jesus, spirituality, the Scriptures, and the Blessed Mother.  
The award also recognized Brother Bernard Mary whose idea of adding a degree program to the existing Assumption Commercial College (ACC) program that eventually led to the establishment of ABAC and hence Assumption University. This award is intended for University members who exhibited special managerial skills, and who performed their tasks and assignments beyond the normal calls of duty such as initiating, restructuring or reengineering of programs for an office or department, or providing voluntary services for improving, upgrading systems and procedures, and participating in other artistic or scientific activities for the welfare of society.

St. Thomas Aquinas Award
Research Award
(First, Second, and Third Class)

The St. Thomas Aquinas Award was named after St. Thomas Aquinas in respect for his special talents that he devoted in full measure to the search for the Eternal Truth.  St. Thomas Aquinas was a great Dominican teacher (1225-1274). He traveled and wrote extensively. His two Summas should not obscure his other biblical, theological and philosophical writings. He dedicated his brilliant talents to the investigation of the sublime truth of God in the light of faith and the human intellect. He is the patron saint of all Catholic schools.  ​​
This award is given to those who contribute through their research to the promotion, enhancement or the reputation and prestige of the University. Their research should result in publications, patents and/or other innovative materials or feature.

St. De La Salle Award
Commendable Service Award

The St. De La Salle Award is named in honor of St. De La Salle, a learned man and Patron Saint of all teachers, who is credited with writing the pedagogy of the teaching profession and the twelve virtues of teachers.
This award recognizes and rewards faculty members who have served exclusively as lecturers for over twenty-five years at Assumption University, maintaining high standards of excellence in their profession.  

St. Joseph Award
Dedicated Service Award

The St. Joseph Award is named after St. Joseph.  The bible mentions him as a humble and just man.  The Catholic Church has proclaimed Saint Joseph as the Patron Saint of all workers.  
This award recognizes and rewards full-time staff members who, having served at Assumption University for at least twenty-five years, in their everyday work and roles, go beyond themselves in bringing service with satisfaction to their colleagues and students, in selfless ways.

Research Fellow

The title “Research Fellow” is conferred upon a distinguished Professor or Lecturer before he retires from active service at the university.
Individuals appointed to this honorary position display a deep love for research as a pathway to truth. Their endeavors in revealing inspirational truths through research are indeed commendable and worthy of recognition.
This recognition also includes individuals who have contributed, through their intellectual works, to the strengthening of the university’s expertise either through writing textbooks, creating a faculty or setting intellectual standard for academic connaissances.