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National Day of the Republic of Turkey, 29th October

National Day of the Republic of TurkeyThe history of civilisation in Turkey is astoundingly long, extending for almost 10,000 years.

Earliest Times

The Mediterranean region was inhabited as early as 7500 BC, during Palaeolithic times. By around 7500 BC a Neolithic city had grown up at what's now called Çatal Höyük, 50km south-east of Konya in central Anatolia. The early Anatolians developed fine wall paintings, statuettes, domestic architecture and pottery. Artefacts from the site, including the wall paintings, are displayed in Ankara's Museum of Anatolian Civilisations.

The Chalcolithic period resulted in the building of a city at Hacilar, near Burdur, in about 5000 BC. The pottery here was of finer 5000 BC. The pottery here was of finer her quality and copper implements, rather man stone or clay ones, were used.


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