Past, Present & Future

AU Loy Krathong 2022


1. To comply with the University's policy to preserve and disseminate Thai arts and culture
2. To disseminate Thai culture to both Thai and foreign students


Loy Krathong Tradition

Loy Krathong Tradition is a ceremony to honor the Goddess of the river. In Thailand, it is annually held on the full moon day in November. Krathongs are small vessels or cups often made of cut banana stems, leaves containing flowers, candles and joss sticks.

They are released into the rivers and left to float downstream. Upon releasing the Krathongs, people ask for forgiveness from the Goddess of the river for polluting her. It is one of the important religious customs in Thailand. During this period, at the end of the rainy season, most areas around the rivers and canals are flooded.

This occurrence sparked an old Thai popular saying: in the 11th lunar month there is flooding and in the 12th lunar month and the (stagnant) flood waters are retreating.

This period is a time for rejoicing as the weather is changing for the better. The rainy season is more or less over and the winter or cool season is beginning. The moon is also at its brightest this time of the year. At present, Loy Krathong Tradition is a major celebration in Thailand.

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