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Event Detail:

HRH Princess Lea of Belgium will visit Assumption University, Suvarnabhumi Campus at Saint Louis Marie de Montfort Chapel and The Cathedral of Learning (CL).

Sequence for Princess Lea’s visit Assumption University

First Stop: St. Louis Marie de Montfort’s Chapel

11:00 (5)

Princess Lea arrives at St. Louis Marie de Montfort’s Chapel.
Brother Bancha welcomes the Princess at the car. Wait until Khun Gerry comes and then the police opens the door. Marquis and Countess will come in the 2nd car.
Two students welcome The Princess with floral garlands.
All walk along the red carpet into the chapel.
In the chapel, the Princess sits in front with Brother Bancha and guests of honor.

11:05 (3)

MC (Ajarn Sunida – TBC) welcomes and leads to AU choir on the left of the chapel.
MC welcomes Princess Lea of Belgium for her first visit to AU.
Welcomes VIP guests and distinguished guests
Explains the reason to be in the chapel
1. The historical relationship with Queen Fabiola
2. The Chandeliers offered by Queen Fabiola

Brief rundown of program

1. Choral renditions in Thai and English
2. Piano Recital
3. Blessing of the statue of Queen Fabiola (donated by Chao Phaya Abhai Raja Siammanukulkij Foundation)
4. Finish with a beautiful song dedicated to King Baudouin

11:08 (9)

AU choir starts performance in Thai and in English 

11:17 (1)

MC thanks AU choir and leads to the pianist (Piano is set up and tuned by AU. It will be on platform)
(The winner of Thailand 10th Mozart International Piano Competition 2022 - TBC)

11:18 (25)

The pianist starts performance

11:43 (1)

MC thanks the pianist and leads to blessing of the statue of Queen Fabiola

11:44 (3)

Blessing from the priests

11:47 (4)

Dr. Jintanant starts singing the song dedicated to King Baudouin with the pianist

11:51 (4)

MC thanks Dr. Jintanant
MC says to the guests that the song was written by the mother of Dr. Jintanant, Thanpuying Peungjit Supamitr at the passing of King Baudouin.
MC kindly asks Princess Lea to offer 4 bouquets of flower and souvenirs to Dr. Jintanant, the pianists and the leader of choir

11:55 (5)

MC announces group photos


Brother Bancha leads Princess Lea and VIP guests to the main exit of the chapel.
Souvenirs are offered by the foundation staff at the exit when the guests leave.
The Princess, Marquis, Countess and MR Priya receive souvenirs from ceremonial trays.
(Offered by 2 AU female students)
The others guests receive souvenirs from the foundation staff.
Princess Lea and VIP guests go to the Cathedral of Learning by tram
1st tram will be 7 guests from front row with Ajarn Glen.
2nd tram will be guests from second front row and AU top management.
3rd tram will be working team.

Second Stop: The Cathedral of Learning

12:05 (5) Princess Lea arrives at the Cathedral of Learning
Brother Bancha gives some explanation about the hall.
12:10 (2)

Brother Bancha leads Princess Lea to 6th floor by an elevator to view the Belgian related memorabilia in the collection of Brother Martin

In the first elevator, there will be Brother Bancha, the Princess, Marquis, Khun Gerry, Police and elevator operator.

In the next elevators, there will be Brother Veerayut, Brother Ajin, Countess, MR Priya, Count Cedric and Ajarn Glen.

12:12 (10)

1st stop - the Rector Emeritus’ office replica (the first room on the right side) to see the photos of Queen Fabiola and memorabilia

12:22 (3)

2nd stop – 2nd room (on left side) to see the Royal Decoration of Brother Martin

12:25 (2)

Walk outside the room to see the statue of Chao Phaya Abhai Raja 

12:27 (5)

3rd stop – last room on left side to see the portraits of present King and Queen of Belgium

12:32 (3)

Brother Bancha leads Princess Lea and VIPs to the Queen’s room on 1st floor.

12:35 (12)

In the Queen’s room, representatives of Thai + International students interact with Princess Lea.
(Other VIP guests wait in the Hall of Fame with AU Administrators.)

In the room, 1 Thai student and 1 student from Bhutan make short welcome speeches
Princess Lea interacts with all students.

12:47 (5)

Brother Bancha leads Princess Lea to visit the King and Queen of Belgium’s room.

12:52 (10)

Brother Bancha leads Princess Lea back to the Hall of Fame
In the Hall of Fame, AU Top Management and Administrators wait for the Princess in 2 rows on the right-hand side facing to the stairway.

(First row is Top Management, second row is Administrators and third row is students)

Brother Bancha briefly introduces AU Top Management, then leads to the stairway to take photos.

Photo 1 - Princess, Marquis, MR Priya, Countess, Counts, K.Gerry, Bro.Bancha, K.Pansak, Ajarn Glen and AU Top Management
After Photo 1, Ajarn Glen introduces the Administrators and invites them for the photo.
Photo 2 - Princess, MR Priya, K.Gerry, Brother Bancha, Ajarn Glen and AU Administrators
Photo 3 - Princess, MR Priya, K.Gerry, Brother Bancha, Ajarn Glen and AU students

13:00 (50)

Brother Bancha leads the Princess to the King’s room.
Refreshment will be served.
Other guests have seats.
Relaxing talk

13:50 (5)

Brief vote of thanks by Brother Bancha

13:55 (5)

Princess Lea leaves the King’s room accompanied by Brother Bancha, K.Gerry
and some AU Top Management.


The cars depart.


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