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National Day of Switzerland, 1st August

As a historical reality, William Tell probably never existed. But as a national legend, the man who helped to drive out Switzerland's foreign rulers by shooting an apple off his son's head has perfectly embodied the country's rather singular approach to independence throughout the ages. National Day of Switzerland

Modern Swiss history is regarded as starting in 1291, but people had already been living in the region for thousands of years.The first inhabitants were Celtic tribes, including the Helvetii of the Jura and the Mittelland plain and the Rhaetians near Graubünden.

Their homelands were invaded firstly by the Romans, who had gained a foothold by 58 BC under Julius Caesar and established Aventicum (now Avenches) as their capital.Then, Germanic Alemanni tribes arrived to drive out the Romans by AD 400.

1st August is a national public holiday in Switzerland. It marks the annual celebration of Swiss National (or Confederation) Day.


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