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National Day of Ecuador, 10th August 

National Day of EcuadorMost histories of Ecuador begin with the Inca expansion from Peru in the 15th century.

Archaeological evidence, however, indicates the presence of people in Ecuador for many thousands of years before then.

It is generally accepted that Asian nomads crossing the Bering Strait some 25,000 years ago began reaching South America by about 12,000 BC. It is believed that several thousand years later, trans-Pacific colonization by the island dwellers of Polynesia added to the population.

Although Stone Age tools found in the Quito area have been dated to 9000 BC, the oldest signs of a more dev oldest signs of a more developed culture are burial sites found in Santa Elena that date to 6000 BC. The most ancient, widespread artefacts date to 3200 BC (the Valdivia period) and consist mainly of ceramics (especially small figurines) found in the central coastal area of Ecuador. Examples of these can be seen in the major museums of Quito and Guayaquil.

This national public holiday is celebrated on 10th August. In Spanish, it is known as 'Día del Primer Grito de Independencia de Quito' and marks Quito's declaration of independence from Spain in 1809. It is Ecuador's National Day.


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