Thai Heritage Preservation Week and Songkran Festival 2023

 Songkran: the Thai Traditional New Year

Songkran Day is a national holiday and an occasion for family reunion. Young Thais wherever they are will do their best in order to be with their folks on Songkran Day, In Bangkok where a large proportion of dwellers come from outlying provinces, the city on Songkran Day assumes the appearance of a deserted city.

For the Thais who are Buddhists, the day begins with merit making in remembrance of departed souls, Birds and fish are set free. Later in the day, they visit their elders for anointment rite, The elders in return wish the youngsters good health, longevity and prosperity. In many provinces the main Buddha image is towed in procession around the area.


  1. To comply with the University's policy to preserve and disseminate Thai arts and culture
  2. To disseminate Thai culture to both Thai and foreign students


Location: Suvarnabhumi Campus

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