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Center for Sports and Physical Fitness, Student Affairs, Assumption University of Thailand organized a meeting for the trainers and the first orientation for AU athletes on 21 June 2022, at 5 p.m., at SCIT 0101, SCIT Building, Suvarnabhumi Campus, aiming to provide information and guidelines for Assumption University sports development in the Academic Year 2022.



On this occasion, Rev. Bro. Dr. Verayuth Boonpram, Vice President for Student Affairs gave sermons and policies to the university athletes and their coaches for the year 2022, with 128 athletes participating in 15 sports: Golf 10 persons, Badminton 12 persons, Basketball 14 persons, Football 36 persons, Go 8 persons, Hapkido 5 persons, Jujitsu 3 persons, Karate-do 2 persons, Shooting 3 persons, Swimming 6 persons, Table Tennis 3 persons, Taekwondo 11 persons, Tennis 11 persons, Jet ski 3 persons, and E-Sport 1 person.

Our university has a policy to promote sports, therefore, scholarships have been granted for different kinds of sports to encourage students and staff to be healthy. There are many activities that students and staff can join annually. In the previous academic year, AU athletes participated in both national and international tournaments such as SEA Games in Vietnam. Our athletes won many prizes in the games they competed, making the university become famous. For this academic year, we would like to encourage all athletes to keep continue with their excellent achievements.


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