Faculty and Staff Awards

It is an honor that the President graces the conferral ceremony for AU Awards for Excellence 2020.  Prior to the awards conferral, I would like to present you the historical background, philosophy and objectives of the AU Awards for Excellence and the significance of the awards for Assumption University’s community. 

The AU Awards for Excellence was officially initiated on 22 July 1993 by Rev. Bro. Prathip Martin Komolmas. He initiated the policy which he wrote: “Those who have sacrificed their lives and time by their creative loyalty and positive contributions to the institution must be recognized, promoted and rewarded.”

The first conferral of awards was initiated in 1997 under the name AU Academic Awards under six categories.  Then, the three-tier system of achievements: first, second, and third class, with the first as the highest in each category was announced in 1999 to take effect in 2000.  In the year 2000, the name of the awards was changed to AU Awards for Excellence. In 2008, the President of Assumption University decreed the inception of the Professor of the Order of St. Gabriel as part of the annual award ceremony to honor faculty members who are dedicated to teaching and providing service through other avenues within the university.

Since its conception, Assumption University has always deemed it appropriate to acknowledge the contributions of everyone within the university community, especially individuals who have contributed immensely to the success and attainment of academic goals of the university.  Acknowledgement of such sacrifice, commitment and dedication to teaching, research, administration and service is a graceful act. Individuals who have shown such dedication and hard work are worthy of recognition and award.

The philosophical underpinnings of the AU Awards for Excellence are simply that good deeds and achievements must be recognized and awarded.  These awards aim to both reward faculty members for past performances and encourage future efforts.  As a reward, it demonstrates our belief that those selected have met and surpassed the standards of excellence for the award given.  The awards are also meant to encourage future efforts of not only the award recipients but others who may take note that they, too, will be recognized for excellent performance.

In 2009, Rev. Bro. Prathip Martin Komolmas, President Emeritus, initiated two additional distinguished awards namely, St. De La Salle Award and St. Joseph Award which would be conferred to faculty and staff members who have made valuable contributions to the university and have been committed and dedicated to their profession, roles and responsibilities for over 25 years.

For the year 2020’s AU Awards for Excellence, the University takes great pleasure in conferring

  1. Montfort Award for Illustrious Service to one faculty member,
    - Asst. Prof. Dr. Chanintorn  Jittawiriyanukoon

  2. Michael Award for Public Service to two faculty members,
    - Assoc. Prof. Dr. Sureepong  Phothongsunan
    - Dr. Kitikorn Dowpiset

  3. Hilaire Award for Distinction in Writing to one faculty member,
    - Dr. Maria Socorro Fernando

  4. Martin de Tours Award for Excellence in Performance to three faculty members,
    - Dr. Panjarat Phumpradab
    - Dr. Wanwisa  Charoennan 
    - Ajarn Palei  San

  5. Bernard Award for Special Merit to two faculty members,
    - Dr. Akechai Judkrue
    - Dr. Teeradate Kongpichitchoke

  6. De La Salle Award for Commendable Service to sixteen faculty members,
    - Dr. Piyawan Puttibarncharoensri
    - Dr. Suwanna Kitseree
    - Mr. Sakhon Ounla
    - Dr. Preecha Methavasaraphak
    - Asst. Prof. Dr. Wunwisa Krasaekoopt
    - Mrs. Asha Mathew
    - Mr. Tin Ngwe
    - Mr. Pat Wanasaengsakul
    - Asst. Prof. San Shwe Baw
    - Dr. Jaruwan Puangmalee
    - Mr. Somboon Thongprapaisaeng
    - Asst. Prof. Rachada Dangchamroon
    - Dr. Piyanan Suwanmana
    - Mrs. Rattana Waranyasathid
    - Dr. Viyada Kunathigan
    - Mrs. Suwannee Saoong

  7. Joseph Award for Dedicated Service to nine staff members.
    - Acting Sub Lt. Yutthana Suwannatarn
    - Mr. Peerapong Chensunyayut
    - Ms. Nichakorn Sinchaisuk
    - Mrs. Melinda Dimayuga Tanduyan
    - Mr. Uthaiwut Nontsungnuen
    - Ms. Patcharakorn Maneekao
    - Mr. Pratheep Phatsara
    - Mr. Kantapon Wongseda
    - Mrs. Patcharaporn Tantipalphant
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