Faculty and Staff Awards

St. Martin de Tours Award
Excellence in Performance Award
(First, Second, and Third Class)

St. Martin de Tours, for whom St. Martin de Tours Award is named, was a Roman soldier raised in Italy. Finding God, he converted to Christianity and became an unwilling soldier. Later he was a disciple of Hilaire of Poitiers and, still later, became the Bishop of Tours. The award was also named in memory of Brother Martin de Tours, one of the five Brothers who first entered Siam on October 20, 1901.

This award is designated for lecturers and administrators: who discharged their duties and responsibilities conscientiously and superbly: who exhibited high standards of efficiency, excellence and quality in teaching, counseling, and duties such as the composition of test materials, the framing of examination papers and other academic related factors. The award is also for non-teaching staff who add to the University learning process.

Awarded St. Martin de Tours Award for Excellence in Performance (Third Class)

Panjarat PhumpradabDr. Panjarat Phumpradab joined Assumption University as a faculty member in the Department of International Business Management, Martin de Tours School of Management and Economics in 2012.  She graduated with Summa Cum Laude honors in her undergraduate degree in Business Administration, majoring in International Business Management, from Assumption University.  She pursued her Master’s degree in International Business at the University of Florida, U.S.A.  She recently obtained her Ph.D. in Marketing, from Sasin Graduate Institute of Business Administration, Chulalongkorn University.  It is noteworthy that she was a meritorious scholarship recipient  throughout her education from Grade 1 to Ph.D.

Dr. Panjarat has been a faculty member of the MSME Business School for eight years during which she has taught eight different courses ranging from basic to core to major required courses.  Her teaching principle is to ‘Support students to get to their fullest potential’ and true to her principle she uses a wide range of teaching strategies to engage students and enhance students’ learning experience and outcomes.  She has the ability to design each course with the right proportions of lectures, in-class activities and projects to optimize students’ involvement in the learning environment.  She implemented the ‘flipped classroom approach’ very successfully and shared the best practice with all faculty members in the School.  Her innovative, interactive and effective teaching modules have been well appreciated by the students.

In addition to her passion and enthusiasm for teaching, Dr. Panjarat also engages in research and provides industry consultancy and training.  She mentors and trains students for business competitions and School projects.  Her approachable personality and positive encouragement inspires students to strive for excellence.


  • Awarded St. Martin de Tours Award for Excellence in Performance (Third Class)



Wanwisa Charoennan

Dr. Wanwisa Charoennan received her Bachelor’s degree in Arts, majoring in Business Chinese with Magna Cum Laude honor and Master’s degree in Business Administration, majoring in Marketing with The Rector’s Award for Academic Excellence from Assumption University in 2006 and 2008, respectively.  She obtained her Doctor of Philosophy in Business Administration degree with The Rector’s Award for Academic Excellence from Assumption University of Thailand in 2016.

Upon graduation from her Ph.D. degree, she joined the Department of Marketing, Martin de Tours School of Management and Economics, Assumption University in 2017.  She has been teaching various marketing courses, including Competitive Analysis and Strategy, Consumer Behavior, Principles of Marketing, and Individual Research, which have provided her opportunities to practice different teaching methods on students with diverse academic backgrounds.

“Learning with learners” could best describe her style of teaching.  Dr. Wanwisa believes that a lecturer is not a knowing person, but a learning one.  Not only she lectures, she listens and learns with her learners.  She intensively learns all relevant cornerstone knowledge and continuously updates herself with emerging theories and trends.  She also welcomes any possible questions from students as a way to clarify their understandings, and also a way to intensify her own comprehension.  Knowledge and experience sharing have evidently strengthened her teaching efficiency, with more rooms to master.

Teaching is indeed challenging, but passion has encouraged her to overcome shyness and weaknesses, and motivated her to be her better version.  She is determined to inspire each student to bring the best out of themselves regardless of their diverse learning styles and backgrounds.  Together with her attentive observation on students’ learning preferences, her explanation skills and teaching materials have been observed to be one of a kind as she uses creative illustrations to simplify the complicated contents in the logical way, and provide relevant examples to ensure students’ in-depth understandings and application of advanced marketing topics to their lives and future careers.  One of her artworks could be evidently seen on the cover design of the second edition of Consumer Behavior textbook.

Above all, with her personal core values, Dr. Wanwisa believes that a lecturer shall create a bond with a student on a personal basis that she has voluntarily provided an advice to both current students and graduates on their academic, professional and personal issues.  As a lecturer, she desires to create a memorable learning experience for students, and an inspiration for them to create ones for others.


  • Awarded St. Martin de Tours Award for Excellence in Performance (Third Class)


  • Charoennan, W. (2016). The impact of in-store marketing stimuli on impulse buying behavior and post-purchase evaluation: a study of self-selected mass color cosmetics in Bangkok. (Doctoral Dissertation Business Administration). Bangkok, Assumption University.

  • Charoennan, W., & Huang, K. P. (2018). The antecedentes and consequences of conspicuous consumption of luxury fashion goods in a social media platform. The International Journal of Organizational Innovation, (11) 1, 1-21.

Palei SanAjarn Palei San joined Assumption University as a full-time lecturer in 2010. However, her journey with Assumption University actually began as a student.  She finished her Bachelors’ Degree in Arts (Business English) in 2008 and Master Degree in English Language Teaching in 2010 at Assumption University.

Growing up in a family of teachers, teaching had always been an aspiration for her since childhood.  She had her first taste of teaching while working temporarily in a small international school called International Montessori Center while still studying for her Master Degree. Teaching English to young kindergarten and primary school children, she discovered the joys of working in a classroom environment and being actively involved in young learners’ development.  However, the desire to assist and work with English learners at higher levels prompted her to apply for a teaching post in the IELE Department of Assumption University upon her graduation.

Her love of Creative Arts is evident in her style of teaching.  She is known to incorporate activities that encourage imagination and inventiveness in her classes.  It is her belief that incorporating drama and creativity into English lessons is one of the best ways to motivate students to verbalize their ideas in English.

Putting this belief into practice, she has also written a novel directed towards young adult learners of English. Titled “Cast Nine Shadows”, it was co-authored with her younger sister and published in 2007.  Written back when its two authors were both still teenagers, it started as a pet project for the two sisters.  She hopes this will serve as a motivation to young language learners that if they set their hearts on something, they can absolutely accomplish it.  The novel is available in the university library on both campuses.


  • Awarded St. Martin de Tours Award for Excellence in Performance (Third Class)


  • San, P., & San, M. P. (2007). Cast Nine Shadows.
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