Faculty and Staff Awards

St. Hilaire Award
Distinction in Writing Award
(First, Second, and Third Class)

The St. Hilaire Award was named after St. Hilaire who was born at the beginning of the fourth century at Poitiers in France. He was a bishop and Doctor of the Universal Church.

Brother Hilaire was one of the first five pioneering Brothers to arrive in Thailand in 1901. He was a well-known educator at Assumption College, Bangkok. He mastered the Thai language so well that he became an unparalleled Siamese Linguist. He wrote Thai language manuals, the first of which, Darun Suksa, was considered by all as the very best source for the learning of the Thai language.

This award comes in three classes and is designated for those who achieved distinction through academic writings in the form of articles and books.

Asst. Prof. Dr. Maria Socorro FernandoDr. Maria Socorro Fernando is a full-time lecturer in the Graduate School of Business and Advanced Technology Management, and also serves as MMOD Associate Program Director, Editor- in- Chief of the ABAC ODI Journal and ABAC OD Institute team.

She graduated from the University of the Philippines with the degree of Bachelor of Science in Zoology, Master of Arts in Educational Management from De La Salle University, Manila, Philippines, and Ph.D. in Organization Development from SAIDI Graduate School of OD -Philippines and Assumption University.

Dr. Marrisa actively engages in research and publication on her own or with a team, through her teaching in research courses and research advising with graduate students in the Ph.D., MMOD and MBA programs. As editor-in -chief, she guides and encourages authors in preparing and advancing their research articles for publication.

Furthermore, she also serves in the advisory editorial board of two European international journals. The Graduate School of Business has honored her with the “Best Researcher Award” during its 30th year celebration.


  • 2020: St. Hilaire Award for Distinction in Writing (Third Class)


Her publications include books, creative works, and research articles in international journals, which have received favorable reviews and citations. Her research and publication interests include quantitative and qualitative research, action research, organization studies, human resource development, education, leadership and management, interdisciplinary studies, strengths - based organization development and learning.


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