Faculty and Staff Awards

St. Michael Award
Public Service Award
(First, Second, and Third Class)

The St. Michael Award was named after St. Michael the Archangel, the protector of the people of God.

The award also honors the name of Brother Michael, one of the 13 French Brothers who moved from Thailand to India during World War II. He was appointed the master of novices at Eachinkadu, Yercaud, South India, tasked with the training of a number of senior Brothers of the Province of Thailand.

This award comes in three classes and is given to University members who have provided academic and/or other significant services to society, and who have represented the University in academic and supporting activities that are acknowledged by the public. In so doing, they uphold and promote the University's reputation and stature.

Associate Professor Dr. Sureepong Phothongsunan has worked at Assumption University since 1998. Currently, he is serving as the Dean of the Theodore Maria School of Arts.

He earned his first degree in Business English, a Master’s in Teaching English as a Second Language from the University of Central Missouri, U.S.A. and a doctoral degree in Teaching English as a Foreign Language from the University of Exeter, U.K.

His current academic engagement includes teaching English for academic and specific purposes to undergraduate and graduate students, undertaking specialized and language teaching research, writing for publications, and incessantly rendering himself useful in public service provision to society and communities of English language education in Thailand.

In particular, his contributions in public and social services prevail in a number of roles as external thesis examiner, guest speaker and lecturer, QA committee member, invited commentator for curriculum development and modification, paper reviewer for numerous top-tier refereed and indexed journals, reader for academic title appointment, and assessor of civil servant performance evaluation.

As a teacher-researcher, he has so far published quality manuscripts, textbooks and book chapters, as well as engaged in presentations at national and international conferences on a variety of topics, recently related to language teacher education and professional development. In 2020, he was invited as featured speaker at the 40th Thailand TESOL International Conference.

At present, Associate Professor Dr. Sureepong has a keen interest in devising a teaching model that can ascertain the efficiency and effectiveness of the teaching and learning of English as a foreign language at secondary and tertiary levels. With greater effects, the model to be materialized could be incorporated into further research and create language innovation that to some extent enhances English language teaching.


  • 2020: St. Michael Award for Public Service (Third Class)

  • 2017: St. Hilaire Award for Distinction in Writing (Third Class)

  • 2011: St. Thomas Aquinas Award for Research (Second Class)


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Dr. Kitikorn Dowpiset, currently is serving as the Associate Dean for Academics of the Graduate School of Business and Advanced Technology Management, Program Director of MS Management, and the Director of ABAC Organization Development Institute.

He teaches innovation management, Internet marketing, MIS, Creativity, and Innovation. Dr. Kitikorn has a 25-year career in Information Technology Consultancy and the Professional Development Program for the Business.

His specialization is in designing and auditing the Information Security Management System under the ISO/IEC 27001:2013. He is a Certified Trainer from Dale Carnegie on Leadership Training for Manager, High Impact Presentation since 2005.

His experience ranges from being an IT Center director, Project Supervision of ICT Integration systems, Innovation Service Design at the Office of the National Broadcasting, and Telecommunications Commission. He also conducted workshops for the Service Design Facilitator of Bangkok Metropolitan Public Transportation and Digital Transformation Strategic plan for Siam Cement Group IT Team.

His prime strength inheres in his ability to bridge the IT systems with the business purpose and design. The key projects he was involved in, especially with the ABAC ODI are:

  • Executive Organization Development Program at Singha Corporation in 2002-2004

  • Executive Organization Development Program at Krungsri Bank during 2004-2006

  • Branch Manager Change Leader Program at krungsri Bank in 2005

  • KrungSri Leadership Academic (KSLA) Program for young entrepreneur at Krungsri Bank from 2010-2019

  • Digital Master Plan Development of Designated Areas for Sustainable Tourism Administration (Public Organization) for 2021-2024


  • 2020: Awarded St. Michael Award for Public Service (Third Class)


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