The Three Dormitories: Solomon, Sheba & King David

The three 13-story dormitories form a U-shape embracing the basketball grounds and the middle pyramid.

queen sheba

The grounds, with rows of seats all round it, is called the King’s court. Named after characters in the Old Testament, the salubrious dorms have all modern facilities and an underground car park. The safety measures to protect against fire include smoke detectors, sprinklers, fire escapes and emergency lighting. They are located in a windy area with plenty of sun and fresh air. They are on the western side of the campus so in the evening, one sees sunset rays suffuse the colorful flags on the Boulevard des Nations, which connects the residence halls to the front of the Cathedral of Learning.





king solomon

King Solomon Hall

In the Old Testament, King Solomon inherited the kingdom from his father, King David. He built a temple dedicated to the God of the Israelites, which transformed Jerusalem into an important center during his time. But King Solomon here is a dormitory for male students. It has 505 rooms with an interior and facilities akin to a standard hotel, designed for quiet rest and study. Each room has a cable TV set, a small refrigerator, a direct line telephone and a pair of connections for computer Internet access. It faces the Queen of Sheba Dormitory.





Queen of Sheba Hall

The Queen of Sheba went to Jerusalem after she heard of Solomon’s fame, through the name of the Lord. Their legendary love not only had a deep influence on Jerusalem, but on numerous cultures. The Queen of Sheba dormitory is akin to that of King Solomon in the number of rooms, its exterior and interior, but it is for female students. There is a nursing room and study room on the second floor. Around both dormitories are outdoor sports grounds. Together, the twin halls stand as a testimony of love and hold young men and women bound for a bright future.

king david

 King David Hall

Long before Jesus Christ was born, King David ruled Israel. He was a valiant soldier, a musician and the man who defeated Goliath. King David is a hotel for visitors with 266 rooms in the same style as the other two dormitories. The back terrace of every room overlooks a wide green field. It is quiet at daytime and in the night. Only at Kind David are a mini-mart, a laundry shop and an ATM. An ABAC Dummy Perpetual Fund and a Student Affairs Fund to give financial support for youth activities and needy students in rural areas created the mini-mart or “U-Mate” convenient store. The total surplus generated by the story will be contributed to the Fund.











AU Residence Halls Advisor :

  1. To provide orientation and information to the residents,
  2. To give advice and assistance to the residents who experience difficulties and encounter problems as hostel students,
  3. To create a multicultural learning environment free from prejudice and promote harmonious relations,
  4. To prepare development programs to enable students to enhance their potential,
  5. To make the residents observe the code of conduct and, if necessary, to initiate procedures that will lead to remedial action against violators.

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