Reference : Undergraduate Bulletin 2015-2016


Intensive English Program (IEP) 0 credit

A preparatory English course for incoming freshman students exposing them to a variety of texts and patterns, while focusing on grammar and usage, in order to better prepare and place them in further English language courses.

BG 0001, BG 0003 Basic English I 0 credit

A foundation course developing basic language skills, adjusted to accommodate the learning pace of students with various English language backgrounds, as part of an environment that fosters creative and communicative learning to prepare the students for academic English language courses.

BG 0002 Basic English II 0 credit

A foundation course developing basic language competence as part of an environment that fosters creative and communicative learning to prepare the students for academic English language courses.

BG 1001 English I 3 credits

Lower intermediate academic English, with activities to foster reading, writing, listening and speaking skills in English through communicative activities in a meaningful academic context.

BG 1002 English II 3 credits

Prerequisite: BG 1001 English I 
Intermediate academic English, reinforcing fluency and grammar with task-driven oral and writing exercises, developing vocabulary and sentence writing skills with combined reading comprehension exercises and writing practice.

BG 2000 English III 3 credits

Prerequisite: BG 1002 English II
Advanced English for academic and career purposes, emphasizing organization of ideas and clarity of expression and understanding.

BG 2001 English IV 3 credits

Prerequisite: BG 2000 English III
Advanced English for academic and career purposes, emphasizing critical and analytical skills, and formulating logical and coherent opinions.


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