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Reference : Undergraduate Bulletin 2015-2016


To produce graduates who have the characteristics, knowledge and skills as follows:The program is designed to produce graduates who: 

  • Have morals and ethics.
  • Socially responsible and understand well the impacts and consequences of technology towards society and the environment.
  • Have the knowledge and understanding of the major principles and theories of computer science.
  • Capable of developing the fundamentals of computer programs and with the expertise to analyze, operate and manage computer systems.
  • Able to understand the organization and operation of the computer hardware.
  • Able to help in the promotion and collaboration of transfer technology which is undergoing rapid development.
  • Capable of meeting the nation’s present and future needs for computer science experts in the application and development for computer planning.
  • Possess systematical, logical and critical thinking skills.
  • Able to work with a team and be a leader or a follower.
  • Have responsibility in the assigned tasks and continuously have self-development in the field of computer science.
  • Able to communicate effectively in listening, speaking, reading and writing both in Thai and English.


A. General Education Courses 30 Credits


Language Courses 12 credits
BG 1001 English I 3
BG 1002 English II 3
BG 2000 English III 3
BG 2001 English IV 3

B. Specialized Courses 90 credits

Basic Courses

Basic Courses 15 credits
CS 2101 Mathematics Foundation for Computer Science 3
DA 2101 Calculus I 3
DA 2103 Principles of Statistics 3
LA 4606 Intellectual Property Law 3
MT 4323 Entrepreneurship in Technology Business 3

C. Free Elective Courses 6 credits

Students can take free elective courses of 6 credits from any faculty in Assumption University upon completion of the prerequisites (if any).

Study Plan

First Year

First Year
First Semester
Course Code Course Title Credits
BG 1001 English I 3
CS 1201 Computer Programming I 3
DA 1121 Basic Mathematics and Statistics 3
IT 2231 Introduction to Information Technology 3
MGT 1101 Introduction to Business 3
  Total 15
Second Semester
Course Code Course Title Credits
BG 1002 English II 3
CS 1202 Computer Programming II 3
DA 2101 Calculus I 3
DA 2103 Principles of Statistics 3
GE 2101 World Civilization 3
MT 1602 Fundamentals of Financial Accounting 3
  Total 18