The AU community comprises of Montfort Brothers of St Gabriel, priests from India, Burkina Faso, Myanmar, the Dominican Sisters, and the Good Shepherd Sisters went to the Camillian Home at Lad Krabang to pay a visit to the Center on festive New Year occasion, Saturday January 27, 2018 to give lunch to the underprivileged children. After lunch, brothers and sisters observed and participated in their drawing class.

The Camillian Home, founded by the Camillian Fathers in 1987, currently houses 65-70 children ages 3-20, who are (multiple) disabled, orphaned, or affected HIV/AIDS. It is more than ten years that Assumption University has sent their students to do a project at the Camillian Home as part of their required ethics course. In October 2017, 14 AU students conducted a charity project with children at the place. They spent 2 full days doing activities with the children which were thoughtfully planned 1 1/2 months earlier. Shown here is a cute wall painting at the Home created by this group of students who were reportedly inspired and learned from these ‘disabled’ children. Here are some of their heartfelt reflections:
• “I had learned from them not to give up easily. This girl could not walk properly. After a brain surgery, her legs developed and in pain she could walk slowly. But she never gave up. In two years of intense physical therapy, she now can walk by herself.” (Thanika J.)
• “I learned about how to treat people in different potential. This experience is very meaningful as it gives me a lesson to understand people in different potential more.” (Thanika J.)
• I learned that these children do not have a perfect life but they never give up and they can accomplish the task.(Krittawit K.)
• I learned that drawing and painting help improve their critical thinking as the picture will tell the story of what they think or their imagination.
• I have learned to be a good giver. It’s not money or stuff we give. But it’s that action that makes them happy. The children need love and smile. We made them feel they were part of the activity too.
• I also learned to share ideas with my team. Without sharing, we wouldn’t be able to finish the wall painting task.(Wanutsakarn J.)
• I have learned that children at Camillian Home have so much potential to do so many things such as art work, painting, or activities.(Thanaphol S.)

This is merely one example of a recent AU student project at Camillian Home. Learn more about Assumption University Professional Ethics Seminar at St. Martin Center for Professional Ethics Seminar and Service Learning:; and more about Camiliian Home at Camillian Home for Children Living with Disabilities: