Following a big success of Law School’s Last Orientation on Saturday April 29, we are proud to present their 3rd outstanding former law student, Mr. Sansern Aiemsuttiwat or Ajarn Big, who is currently a lecturer at AU School of Law
Yesterday May 3, Sansern was announced the 1st among 28 successful law test takers for judges organized once a year For law students to climb up the career ladder in their respectful profession, they all know that three open exams are a must: a big platform, a medium platform, and a small platform. Whereas the big platform is for LLB graduates where 8,000-10,000 candidates register for the exam each year, this year 170 passed. The same is true for the other two platforms.
Sansern entered the medium platform which is eligible for those with LLB, LLM and the Thai Barrister Certification. Almost 3,600 enrolled for the exam this year, 28 passed and he came first. Sansern also came 1st in his Thai Barrister test.

What is his secret for high academic achievement? The following is an exclusive interview with Ajarn Big to find out.

  • Sansern was born to a Thai-Chinese family whose parents were supportive in learning and reading. Since grades 3 and 4 he had developed a habit and pleasure in reading and his mother always bought him some books. Beside history as his favorite subject, Sansern read extensively and regularly, for example, from Romance of the Three Kingdoms (a Chinese folk story), Ramayana, to Harry Porter. And he always came 1st or 2nd in class exam. 
  • Sansern first enrolled in BBA program at Assumption University following his parents’ advice. Completing the second year he could no longer resist his inner voice to study law. He then requested to meet the Dean of Law School, Asso. Prof. Pornchai Soonthornpan, who after a thorough interview, granted an approval. Four years later, Sansern successfully earned LLB, and following by LLM from Assumption University’s Faculty of Law later.
  • To answer ‘how did you make it the 1st place in this tough exam?’, Sansern said the exam is not multiple-choice type, rather some exam question covers the whole page, that requires deep understanding and seeing the big picture. Without comprehension of how these pieces relate, it is no use to read and memorize the provision of laws in each code. 
  • Here are some useful advice from Ajarn Big to present law students: (1) commitment. Passion in what you learn will help building strong commitment, (2) self disciplined. You need to discipline yourself and be consistent in studying. No cramming. There are awfully lots of laws and new laws keep coming up, and (3) which is not least, right attitude in learning. Motivate yourself to learn what you love and enjoy it. It’s inner motivation.

Sansern sincerely thanked Dean Pornchai and AU for his success today. “Without unfailing support and guidance from the Dean Pornchai, I would not have been where I am today. My gratitude also goes to AU and Law professors for warm-welcoming, supportive learning environment and integrity in knowledge building.
In conclusion, Dean Pornchai congratulated his former student Mr. Sansern and expressed his lifelong commitment, “My true happiness is to see my students grow in their career and achieve the best and highest of their potential.”

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