Bisnews AFE (Thailand) Limited hold the Bisnews Case Competition (Marketing Research/Survey) among Thai university undergraduates and its main objective is to encourage students to exploit their knowledge and learn how to conduct a live marketing research/survey.

 Considering the product of our interest is a financial information service, students will have an exposure to financial information widely used by professional and individual investors to make their sound investment decision, and discover the subscription factors and reasons why investors pay for this service.  

Under the case of:

Successful Subscription Factors of Financial Information Service in Retail Market 


Team from Martin de Tours School of Management & Economics (MSME), Marketing Major can beat 10 finalists from various top universities, Thailand and win bronze award for their best plan. The team members consist of:

Ms. Varatavee Trivongwatana

Ms. Waritsara Juntarima

Ms. Woradee Woraphong

The Team is under the supervision of A. Nitipan, lecturer, Department of Marketing.

The competition starts from January till mid of May, 2014. First and Second Runner-up go to teams from Bangkok University.

BISNEWS AFE is a joint venture between Reuters Thailand Limited and AFE Solutions Limited, a Hong Kong based company and member of the Thomson Reuters Group.

Our students can obtain fruitful benefit from the competition:

  1. Students will have an exposure to a financial information service which is widely used by professionals in Thai financial market (stock brokerage firms, asset management firms, corporations, government agencies, and keen retail investors).
  2. Students can utilize their knowledge to conduct  proper marketing research.  
  3. All winners can add this accreditation to their personal profile.

Presentation sessions and award ceremony were held on May 30th, 2014.