Reference : Undergraduate Bulletin 2015-2016

A student’s course load may vary from semester to semester. The minimum for all full-time students is four courses (12 credit hours) per semester; the maximum course load is six courses (18 credit hours) per semester. To enroll in more than six courses, written permission must be obtained from:

  • The chairperson of the department concerned (if a graduating student, or junior and senior students with a cumulative G.P.A. of at least 3.25).
  • In all other cases, the Dean of the Faculty concerned must be consulted.

Reference : Undergraduate Bulletin 2015-2016

Students are required to attend all classes regularly. To qualify to take a final examination for any subject, a minimum of 80% attendance is mandatory. There are no authorized cuts from classes; irregular attendance may result in exclusion from classes. Any student who finds that he/she can no longer attend a class must officially withdraw in writing through the Office of the Registrar. Failure to withdraw officially may result in a grade of “F” for the course. In case of unavoidable absence, such as subpoena requirements, illness or death of a member of the family, all work missed must be satisfactorily made up and it is the responsibility of the student to arrange for this.


Reference : Undergraduate Bulletin 2015-2016

Students may withdraw (drop) officially from a course, or all courses during the first two weeks without any penalty. Thereafter, until the final day of withdrawals as indicated in the University calendar, students will receive “W” grades. An official withdrawal must be accomplished at the Office of the Registrar by the student personally (not by someone else on his/her behalf). Failure to withdraw officially will result in a “WF” grade.

Reference : Undergraduate Bulletin 2015-2016

Letter Grades are used to show the academic standing of all students with the following meaning and values.


A Excellent 4.00
A- Almost Excellent 3.75
B+ Very Good 3.25
B Good 3.00
B- Fairly Good 2.75
C+ Fair 2.25
C Satisfactory 2.00
C- Minimum Satisfactory 1.75
D Poor 1.00
F Failure 0.00
R Course Repeated Later -
S Satisfactory -
U Unsatisfactory -
W Withdrawal with Permission -
WF Withdrawal with F
Withdrawal from course after time limit.
AUD Audit and non-credit -
I Incomplete, used in case a student fails to complete his/her assignment within the time limit or is absent from the examination with approval from the University due to valid reason.
WP/IP Work in Progress  
NR No Report  
TR Transfers Credits  

Student grades are computed at the end of each semester, and may include:

  • Quizzes
  • Term papers
  • Book reports
  • Assignments
  • Recitation
  • Class paticipation
  • Attendance
  • Midterm and final examinations

These requirements may vary with each course.

Reference : Undergraduate Bulletin 2015-2016

Academic action can be both favorable and disciplinary. When a student is performing well, all action on him/her in the academic area is said to be favorable to the student. For example, when a student obtains a high GPA he/she is put on the academic List of Honors; when he/she consistently achieves very high marks, he/she is given higher honors. However, if his/her achievement is below standard, disciplinary action may be taken against him/her.


Reference : Undergraduate Bulletin 2015-2016 

Students who obtain a cumulative GPA of less than 2.00 (1.99-1.50) but above the limits set for dismissal from the University will be put on probation, except during the first semester of the freshman year.

Reference : Undergraduate Bulletin 2015-2016

Undergraduate Students will be dismisses from the University under the following conditions:

  • obtaining a cumulative GPA of less than 1.50 at the end of any semester except the first semester of the freshman year;
  • obtaining a cumulative GPA of less than 1.75 for two consecutive semesters except the first semester of the freshman year;
  • obtaining a cumulative GPA of less than 2.00 for four consecutive semesters except for the first semester of the freshman year. However, in certain cases, the President, in consideration of a student’ s potential to improve his/her academic performance and eventually graduate, may grant special permission for the student to carry on his/her studies at the University on probation condition.

Reference : Undergraduate Bulletin 2015-2016

The University, wishing to provide recognition to exceptional students, has established an Honors System. Undergraduate students are given awards for achievement measurable in grades beginning with semester grades and ending with cumulative grades until graduation. 

Graduation with Honors

Undergraduate students maintaining a high scholastic average are eligible for graduation with the following Honors:

  Summa Cum Laude Cumulative GPA 3.80-4.00
  Magna Cum Laude Cumulative GPA 3.50-3.79
  Cum Laude Cumulative GPA 3.25-3.49

Requirements for Graduation with Honors

  • Have fulfilled all the requirements for graduation within 4 years (5 years for Architecture).
  • Have not been placed on probation in any condition.
  • Have not received a grade lower than “C” for any course.
  • Transfer students must have taken all the third and fourth year courses (or 72 credits) at Assumption University.
  • Students who have graduated with a cumulative GPA of 3.25 or higher, regardless of a grade lower than “C” or “U” for non credit courses, or those who completed all requirements within 5 years of study for all 4-year undergraduate programs; and within 6 years for the Architecture program, are entitled to obtain an Award of Academic Excellence.

Special Honors and Awards

Students are given distinctions for their performance for a semester or an academic year as listed below:

  • A Special Certificate of Honors from the University Council for those who obtain a 4.00 GPA for any academic year;
  • A Special Certificate of Honors from the President of the University to all students who fall within the GPA range of 3.50-3.99 for any academic year;
  • Students who obtain a GPA of 3.25 or above at the end of each semester will have their names published in the Academic List Honors.


  • 15 credits / semester required except for final semester.
  • Grades must be “C” or higher.

Reference : Undergraduate Bulletin 2015-2016

Assumption University has adopted the semester system. An academic year is divided into two semesters and a summer session. A semester lasts for approximately sixteen weeks. 

  • First Semester  - begins in August and ends in December.
  • Second Semester  - begins in January and ends in May.
  • Summer Session - June and August (optional).

One credit hour requires a minimum of 15 hours of class attendance; a subject involving 3 credit hours will require at least 45 hours in class. To qualify for the final examination in any subject, each student must be present for at least 80% of the class meetings. In some exceptional cases, at the discretion of the lecturer and/or the Dean of the Faculty concerned, this requirement may be waived.


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