The coat of arms of the Brothers of St. Gabriel, which is AU's logo, is shown and engraved on many places but the biggest and noticeable one is on the wall at a stairway in the Hall of Fame.

It depicts four signs with meaningful content: the ship in the sea symbolizing the sea of life with difficulties that we have to struggle through; the DS Cross which represents Divinity and Science; A.M. and the white lilies to remind students to love their institution as their Alma Mater (Dear Mother) and be as pure in their thoughts, words and mind as the white lilies; and the star and the boat which symbolizes spiritual hope. The four symbols are framed by a shield under which is AU's motto "LABOR OMNIA VINCIT", which means: We can overcome all difficulties through working hard.

Brothers of st.Gabriel

The name "the Brothers of St.Gabriel" reminds us of those Brothers who sacrificed their lives, and their mother's land, in order to help educate and develop our Thai children to grow in the right path.

"LABOR OMNIA VINCIT" is the motto of our university. "We can overcome all difficulties through working hard," or, as the Latin proverb says : "Work conquers all things,"

"Life-Boat" Symbolized By "The Ship in The Sea"

"The ship in the Sea" symbolizes that we have to keep on struggling and facing different difficulties in the sea of life, just like the ship or the boat that fights stormy wind, steamy sun and rainy sea in order NOT to capsize in the middle of the sea. This should always remind us that "Life is a Struggle" or "To Live is to Struggle" against the problems and difficulties and not to give up.

"DS" (read "D and S") Cross In The Middle With The Cross

"D" or Divinity represents "Religion". We all need religion in life and mind. The Cross is the symbol of "love" and sacrifice "just as Jesus sacrificed his life for our love and he redeemed our sins as he said: "There is no other love greater than sacrificing our life for others."

"S" or "Science" means "Knowledge," which is the root of man's ability to reason. Everyone should always aim at gaining more knowledge. the more we learn about mundane knowledge, the more we should also learn about "Dharma" or religious, ethical virtues. Moreover, D|S also comes from the French phrase, "Dieu Seul," which means "ALL WE DO IS FOR THE GRACE OF GOD ONLY." It is to remind us of St. Louis Marie de Montfort, the founding Father of the Brothers of St. Gabriel's motto. With this powerful motto, we have the will to work without yielding to difficulties, at studies as well as at work. We all uphold it up to this day.


A.M. and The White Lilies

"A.M." is abbreviated from a Latin word, "ALMA MATER," meaning literally," Dear Mother," in Latin and indicating " MOTHER COLLEGE," which symbolizes that our institution is like our "Alma Mater", our own birth place and as a part of our own families. We should love our institution as much as we should love our own parents. Moreover, "A.M" is also abbreviated from "AVE MARIA" (in Latin), the name of Jesus' Mother. This means that we should love our own Mother with our heart and soul. And the beautiful snow-white lilies are symbols to remind us that we should be clean and sincere with all our thoughts, words and minds, wherever we are.



The Star and The Man In a Boat

"The Star and the Boat" symbolizes "Spiritual Hope", meaning that religion is "the light of Dharma or Absolute Truth" and all the knowledge or sciences we have learned from the institution is "the Light of the Intelligence". Altogether they keep conduct and intelligence on track so we are not lost or capsized in the middle of the sea of life. "The man in the boat "reflects us, ourselves, rowing or guiding our own "boat of life."

"The Shield" That Frames The "Four Symbols"

The "Shield" that frames the "Four Symbols" is the "COAT OF ARMS" which stands for "HONOUR," or "PRIDE and DIGNITY". It also represents the HONOUR,DIGNITY, PRIDE AND PRAISE that our institution has received from the King who reigns over the Kingdom.

The Olive Branches

The wreath of the "Olive Branches" stands for "Victory" or "Success."(In ancient times, in Greek History, the athletic winner received a wreath of olive branches from the king) Or, this represents "a wreath of high honour" to remind us that we should do good deeds to uphold the honour and fame of our beloved institution or "ALMA MATER" forever.  

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