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1. The University is the first international university in Thailand and as a private Catholic university is administered by the Montfort Brothers of St. Gabriel (SG), otherwise known as the Gabrielite Brothers or Frères de Saint-Gabriel (FSG), a religious congregation. Its roots go back to Louis de Montfort, who opened a few schools for poor children in La Rochelle, France, in about 1711. The Brothers of St. Gabriel have been active in education in Thailand since 1901.

2. The University is an international community of scholars, enlivened by Christian inspiration, engaged in the pursuit of truth and knowledge, serving the human society, especially through the creative use of interdisciplinary approaches and Cyber technology.

3. The university is noted for attracting large numbers of foreign students from numerous countries including China, Russia, Kazakhstan, Bhutan, Bangladesh, Pakistan, and many other Asian countries and There are as well study abroad students from the United States (Loyola University, Maryland) and exchange students Europe and North East Asia. (Link to International website)

4. The University is listed in the Handbook of Universities and other Institutions of the INTERNATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF UNIVERSITIES in Paris, France. The University is recognized by: Find more information
The Association of Christian Universities and Colleges in Asia (ACUCA)
The Association of Southeast Asian Institution of Higher Learning (ASAIHL)
The International Federation of Catholic Universities (IFCU)
The United Nations Academic Impact (UNAI)
The Association of South East Asian Catholic Colleges and Universities (ASEACCU)
The International Associations of University Presidents ( IUAP)
The ASEAN Universities Network (AUN)
The University Mobility in the Asia Pacific (UMAP)
The Association of Presidents of Thai Higher Education Institutions of Thailand (APHEIT)

5. The University, a leading international university in Thailand, achieves the highest level of intellectual excellence within a diverse and collaborative community whose members share a passion for teaching, learning and an abiding commitment to innovate and create through research, and a strong tradition in engaging with the community and stakeholders through knowledge creation and dissemination.

6. The University is considered the leading private university in Thailand in the fields of Business, Management and Information Technology as demonstrated by the placement of many of its graduates in key management and technological positions in industry, government, banking and multinational conglomerates worldwide.

7. The University is recognized in the USA and other countries and transfers of credits from the University is accepted abroad. Graduates from the University can pursue advanced degrees anywhere in the world.

8. The first educational institution in Thailand which has offered complete eLearning degree programs (English programs) via the Internet, accredited by Office of Higher Education Commission, Ministry of Education Thailand. This online university platform delivers graduate degree programs which welcomes anyone, at anytime from anywhere 24/7 to reach the world-class online contents.

9. Assumption University as the first international university in Thailand, utilizes curricula taught in English for the Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Doctoral degrees over the past 50 years. The university offers courses for over 100 majors, all of which are taught at high standards similar to those of top international institutions. Graduates of Assumption University are accepted by prestigious universities worldwide, including Harvard, MIT, Stanford, Oxford, Yale, and Cornell.

10. The University marks its 50th Anniversary, also the 50 th year for the Martin de Tours School of Management and Economics. This makes us doubly proud that AU is one of the leading universities for education service for the Thai Nation and at a global level, leading in either cases to the development of national factors of competitive success

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11. Assumption University has equipped over 95,000 graduates with knowledge and virtue to serve communities and create positive impacts in the world.

12. The University is fully accredited and supervised by the Office of the Commission on Higher Education, the Ministry of Education and its graduates enjoy the privileges accorded to State University graduates. Its academic standards are accepted by the Civil Service Commission of Thailand

13. English is the officially approved medium of instruction at Assumption University. Five courses are in the Thai language but only for Thai speaking students. Students whose native tongue is not Thai follow the same courses in English.

14. The University is a pioneer in establishing its business model Dummy Company to nurture business ideas for students. The Dummy Company provides students with actual field work during summer vacations.

15. The Dummy Company incorporates a system of corporate management, marketing, sales and business goals, modeled on entire private businesses. Therefore, students will be able to be ready to work immediately upon graduation. The Dummy Company is a Role Model, unique to private companies, now with a leading recognition.

16. Reputation for research pioneering that has been recognized at the international level. The ABAC Poll as a research Institute, developed and enhanced knowledge about politics, society, and the economy. This survey research service received the best recognition from the Mass Communications Institute of Thailand, News organizations both domestically and internationally, as well as government agencies and the various private companies. (At present, Assumption University is establishing a consumer survey index data or ABAC Consumer Index, which will research and test relevant domestic statistics towards the consumers index, and will emerge as the ASEAN Consumer Index in the year 2011. Information obtained from this survey will play an important role as references for decision making in the draft public policy of the government, as well as assisting in business decisions in the future.)

17. The University has produced quality graduates for the market in various sectors, in the thousands. According to a recent survey, It was found that more than 60% of Assumption graduate could establish their own companies, organizations and businesses, as well do business with reputations as professionals. For this reason, the University has a reputation as “Pioneer in Creating the Entrepreneur of Tomorrow” This will result in overall growth of the business sector and consequently, the country’s Gross National Product (GDP) will grow significantly.

18. The University’s success has been assured through its international standards of instruction and curricula, positioning it amongst the leading universities in the world. We impart to our students moral ethics while encouraging them to possess active minds. We encourage students to express their creative thinking and open up their minds and to display abilities more wildly than the past.

19. The programs of study at AU blend academic knowledge, moral formation and empowerment to our students to apply what they have learned in the classroom to actual life. In this way our students learn to live as valuable citizens, bringing innovation, creativity and progress through their endeavors to build people and communities they interact with. It is also true that AU’s education teaches graduates to persevere and to work hard, knowing that only in these ways can they overcome obstacles, develop active minds and change the world.

20. Assumption University offers high-quality and internationalized education at the undergraduate, post-graduate and doctoral levels and joint programs with many leading universities.



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